Water Resources

Maestas & Associates has been involved in numerous planning and design projects which help San Antonio’s efforts to manage its water resources and improve its water supply to meet current and future water demand needs.

Water Resources Integration Program: Old Pearsall Road and Twin Oaks Pump Stations-Phase I - San Antonio, Texas

Client:  San Antonio Water System

This San Antonio Water System project features two new high-service pumping stations.  The overall project involved the design of 45 miles of 60-inch water transmission pipeline to convey water from the Twin Oak Facility in Southern Bexar County to the Anderson Pump Station located on the west side of San Antonio.  The two high services pump stations were one element of the overall project.  Maestas & Associates was contracted to design the pump station layouts, site drainage, site grading - including setting of pump station facility pad elevations, site drainage and detention pond design and access roadway Layouts.  Maestas & Associates is providing construction phase services.

Anderson Pump Station - San Antonio, Texas

Client:  San Antonio Water System

This project was for upgrades and improvements at the Anderson Pump Station. This pump station is one of the largest in SAWS’ water distribution system and supplies most of the demand required to serve customers in the northwest pressure zones. This design includes the replacement of the existing high service pumps with higher head and larger capacity units. Project elements included: pump sizing and phasing, infrastructure recommendations, steady state hydraulic modeling, long range water supply integration sustainability, total replacement of all motor control centers, and a new 7.5 MG ground storage reservoir. Maestas & Associates was contracted to perform the site grading around the new ground reservoir tank, electrical building and chlorination building. Maestas & Associates also widened the existing roadway to the electrical and chlorination buildings, delineated the drainage areas for the site, calculated storm water flows for the site and designed the site drainage facilities to ensure storm water flows could be conveyed across the site without flooding any of the existing or proposed facilities.

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