Reed Road


Reed Road

San Antonio, Texas
Client: City of San Antonio

As part of the City of San Antonio 2007 Bond Program, Reed Road was to be reconstructed from Culebra Road (FM 3487) to Military Drive. Maestas was a subconsultant and oversaw the design of the drainage system for Reed Road.

A critical design element was the design of the storm sewer system tie into the Culebra Road (FM 3487) storm drain system that was designed for a TxDOT 10-year storm. Maestas analyzed the design work prepared for the County Pass Through financing for widening of Culebra Road. Maestas determined, based on a detailed analysis of the drainage areas, much of the runoff assigned to the Culebra Road system was flowing to cross drainage structures along the Reed Road or entering the Reed Road storm drain prior to entering the Culebra Road system. This more detailed analysis demonstrated that the Culebra Road system had capacity to accept the flow from the east side of Reed Road meeting the requirements of the City, County and TxDOT.

Maestas designed all new cross drainage structures on Reed Road did not create an adverse impact either upstream or downstream of the new cross drainage culverts.