Market Street Realignment

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Market Street Realignment

San Antonio, Texas
Client: City of San Antonio

This project involved the realignment design of Market Street and the Tower of Americas Drive to accommodate the expansion of the San Antonio Convention Center. MAESTAS was contracted to provide design services for relocation and extension of the underground storm drainage facilities. Design services included hydraulic modeling of the proposed storm drainage systems, evaluation of existing drainage systems' capacity, and incorporation of existing Alamo Dome Stormwater Pump Station discharge piping into the proposed drainage system.

Drainage design also included the use of rainwater planters to capture stormwater runoff before it reached the roadways.  An underground stormwater collection system was provided in the rainwater planter to convey excess storm runoff to the underground drainage systems.  Bridge deck drains were also designed to take the water of the connector bridges and direct the surface water to the storm drain.

Coordination with the adjacent complete streets project on Cesar Chavez downstream of the outfalls was required along with extensive utility coordination that required drainage profiles that matched the existing storm drain elevations to minimize utility conflicts.